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Our conference events inspire and transforms business.

We've been sparking ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business for over 4 years. Using our global footprint, we bring innovators, disrupters and change agents together, discussing and demonstrating the technology, strategies and personalities that are changing the way the world does business.

Our world leading conference bring scale, knowledge and gravitas to promote innovation and technology that changes people's lives. We are creative, organic and customer-focused, curating content for the specific industry and location of each event. Whether you're looking to make new connections, introduce product or inspire change in your industry, we invite you to join us as agitators of change.

What We Do?

At RoomofLeaders, we provide integrated training and digital solutions that help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

We are a trusted and sustainable digital solution partner that aims to tackle core fundamental industry problems through a simple and efficient methodology through blended learning, Augmented / virtual reality and Learning Management System.

RoomofLeaders offers comprehensive customized training solutions designed to meet the needs of all organisations across all industries – ranging from the most basic to complex.

Topics and content of our public training courses are produced based on current needs and trend of the market. Great opportunity for attendees to network and learn from others with different experiences as the audience often comes from a variety of organizations.

A large-scale program that highlights professional and networking development through corporate gathering and socializing.

Giving variety of services from event management, team building and Corporate Social Responsibility emphasizing with local experiences to global exposure. Management is doing things right but RoomofLeaders doing the right thing.

Who We Are?

Established in 2018, RoomofLeaders is an integrated training & digital solution company, with proven track records and strong client-partner network in the region. Our collective experience in training and event management makes us understand the power of knowledge and training. Having had the privilege of witnessing first-hand how lives are changed when this power is harnessed effectively through empowerment, creativity, and productivity; our promise to you is to use these tools to assist you, whether as an individual or an organization, to realize your true potential and not only survive, but to thrive in today’s competitive environment.


Success is no accident. It involves a complete thorough process which can be achieved by constant learning. We believe that education is the key in expanding your skill sets to match up to the world’s rapid development by shaping your team to adapt to the changes in a business environment.

A great organization requires a great leader. Leadership is the capacity to translate visions of an organization into reality. We take the stand that leadership is not something you are born with or without rather it is an art that can be taught and nurtured which we can help your team grow and expand to greater heights.

Your lifestyle is a constant evolution which needs to be improved and enhanced from time to time. We take pride in providing creative and innovative perspectives to assist your team whether in their day work or in achieving greater goals for your organization.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on working and uniting with the top multinational corporations and media hubs, connecting outstanding leaders and elites.

We are trusted by over 4000+ professionals. Join them by using our services and grow your business.

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